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I have a very hot body! I hope that you can make me chill :D

I love doggy-style! Anal sex also turnes me on even if I only talk about it!

Come and see for yourself! ;)If you have a particular fetishes I would love to hear about them! While I only have a few of my own, it really gets me going to have someone get pleasure from theirs!I will gladly oblige in what it is you like, but I will only do so in private shows. Please don't challenge me on this.

Pet play in my main fetish. As I said, I'm obsessed with cats and this doesn't just pertain to my FB statuses. I love to wear kitty ears and collar and I even have a long, kitty tail butt plug. Sometimes when I want someone to know I'm horny I'll start meowing and rub myself on them, just like a sweet kitty! Meow:)One of my other fetishes is butt plugs. I don't know why, but I love wearing them. I wear them to go dancing, to travel, sometimes when I sleep. I love them! I think it's the idea of having it there and no one else know is what really turns me on.Lastly, I love spankings. If you really want to hear me moan, spank me!

My fantasies are always evolving.Sometimes they are about having a man ravish me:Pushing me up against a wall, grabbing my hips, and making me his (hot).Sometimes they're sweet and compassionate:holding me close, massaging my tits, sucking/nibbling them gently as his pushes his way inside me.One thing my fantasies always have in common though is my need to please. I am a giver by nature and whatever you want is what I want. If You feel alone visit me anytime and I will make sure You cheer up. This might be Boy category but believe me I am a real man, the right partner will turn me on in a sec. Please be the one! fun and respect,great dancer...and a sexy smoker&#59;)


i`m a rebel...all u need is to push the button sexy




I get turned on by naughty words and compliments!

sara yates

sara yates